The Dangerous Practice of Supply Sharing

Data from Canadian studies has shown that the percentages of people who inject drugs with a used needle have varied from just under 9%, up to 27%. Unfortunately, needles are far from the only item being reused or shared.

Cookers, filters, sterile water, ascorbic acid and tourniquets are among some of the other popular… » 6/02/14 8:01pm 6/02/14 8:01pm

H&M Shows Collection On Plus-Size Model, Doesn't Make a Big Deal Of It

If you go to H&M's women's wear homepage right now, you'll see something a little unusual. The megachain is highlighting its new seasonal deliveries on its homepage — "Casual Classics," "Style Update: Black & White," "New Looks April," so much so ordinary. But then there's the "Beachwear" collection. » 4/29/13 7:17pm 4/29/13 7:17pm

Why We Need to Talk About the Horrifying Gosnell Abortion Trial

Philadelphia abortion provider Dr. Kermit Gosnell is accused of running a clinic straight out of the Saw horror franchise: standard practices allegedly included snipping the spines of live newborns with rusty equipment, storing feces in cat-food containers and fetus feet in jars, and overdosing patients, particularly… » 4/12/13 5:46pm 4/12/13 5:46pm