User-Run Underground Safe Injection Site Forced To Close Doors

The grassroots organization VANDU (Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users), run by current and former injection drug users, has been attracting attention recently after receiving a cease and desist letter from Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) demanding it close the doors of an unsanctioned, peer-run supervised injection… » 6/02/14 10:44pm 6/02/14 10:44pm

The Dangerous Practice of Supply Sharing

Data from Canadian studies has shown that the percentages of people who inject drugs with a used needle have varied from just under 9%, up to 27%. Unfortunately, needles are far from the only item being reused or shared.

Cookers, filters, sterile water, ascorbic acid and tourniquets are among some of the other popular… » 6/02/14 8:01pm 6/02/14 8:01pm

Saving Lives Through The Implementation of Good Samaritan/Overdose Laws

Imagine being in desperate need of emergency medical attention and unable to seek help for yourself, yet not a single person witnessing your distress is planning on providing assistance or calling for help from emergency responders... » 4/27/14 2:51pm 4/27/14 2:51pm

The Importance of Single Use Sterile Syringes for IV Drug Users

When it comes to IV drug use, clean and sterile syringes are an absolute must. While they are usually fairly accessible, there is still the very big problem of syringe reuse amongst intravenous drug users. Whether the needle exchange is closed, its outside pharmacy business hours, or for whatever reason clean syringes… » 4/19/14 2:02pm 4/19/14 2:02pm

FDA Approves Evzio - First Hand-held Naloxone Auto-injector

The US Food and Drug Administration made a big leap forward this Thursday when it comes to fighting the overdose deaths that have been quickly amassing due to the epidemic that is opiate addiction. The FDA has announced the approval of the first hand-held Naloxone auto-injector, designed to be easy enough to use that… » 4/05/14 7:33am 4/05/14 7:33am

Federal Drug Control Chief Confirms Methadone to be Banned in Crimea

As the annexation of Crimea began, questions were raised last week about the future treatment of the more than 800 Methadone patients who receive treatment in the city. Sadly, today the Federal Drug Control Service Chief of Russia has in fact confirmed that the practice of prescribing Opiate Substitution Therapy (OST)… » 3/27/14 10:29am 3/27/14 10:29am

Safely Cleaning Slobber Soaked Stuffed Animals?

My Dog is a suckler. She has had a stuffed sheep for years that she is absolutely in love with, and will literally suckle on the thing for hours at a time. As you can imagine, it's absolutely disgusting and smelly, but I can't bring myself to throw it away on her. How do I safely clean this disgusting heap of dog… » 3/26/14 12:49am 3/26/14 12:49am